What People are saying about Madron Marketing

Very talented, we appreciate his enthusiasm

He does great work and is very talented, we appreciate his enthusiasm and work ethic.”

Rudy Foundation logo

Rudy Ruettiger (Rudy International)

Nikkos Zorbas (NikkoSystem, Inc.)

He hit a home run

“The world of direct mail is a lot like the world of sports – your success is measured by your overall results. When we brought on Jody to revamp one of our client’s current controls, he hit a home run. With the control in need of a facelift, Jody reworked the headline, cover, lead and closing of the package. The end result was a nearly 35% boost in response and an increase in the average order value by over $11 per order (nearly 15%). Way to go, Jody! I look forward to working with you again soon. ”

Jen Parks

DM360 Inc.

His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008

“We’re so glad we found Jody. He repositioned the marketing for a good product with a winning promo and turned it into a star. His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008 while the markets were tanking and practically nothing else was working. He’s fast, super-easy to work with and revisions are a cinch with him. Highly recommend him!”

Maritza Lizama

Marketing Director, Eagle Financial Publications

His work is truly excellent

“Jody is very thorough and follows direction extremely well. He knows the meaning of a deadline and his work is truly excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending his copywriting services to anyone.”

Alex Johnston

President, Crosscheck Media Services

An excellent problem solver

“Jody’s very easy to work with, on the ball and an excellent problem solver. When you’re working with Jody you know you’ll hit all your deadlines…one of the best people I know for taking a marketing problem and finding a cost effective, viable solution.”

Deeba Jafri

President, DJ Direct Response Inc.

We have more than seen our return on investment

“Great work Jody… and thanks again! Not only are you a pleasure to work with, but when we tested your new piece against our control package, we saw a bump in response of 52%! We have more than seen our return on investment with this one. I look forward to working with you on our next project.”

Grace Epperson

DM360 Inc.

An outside the box thinker

“Jody is a very intelligent and an outside the box thinker. He looks at things in ways you wouldn’t even think of. He is always hitting the deadline and more than willing to go back and do something if it isn’t right the first time.”

Kenny Salzman

President, TLC Communications

Fully knowledgeable in all aspects of direct marketing

“I’ve worked with Jody Madron for years. I have found him to be fully knowledgeable in all aspects of direct marketing from copy development to implementation. His project management skills, which is key to any company achieving their targets, is heads above anyone I’ve worked with.”

Rick Popowitz

CEO, BioCentric Health, Inc.

Will always deliver the best solution possible

“Jody Madron is a good friend and colleague. He is amongst a rare collection of people that I refer to as a “foxhole” friend. Jody is reliable, responsible, and will always deliver the best solution possible. His word is his bond. For these reason, if I am stuck in a foxhole, surrounded by adversaries, I want Jody Madron in the hole with me. I know he will “have my back”.”

Jim Considine

President, J.R. Considine & Company

Jody is a strong direct marketer

“Jody is a strong direct marketer. His skills range from methodical research and planning to precision execution. Bottom line: Jody is results oriented and accountable!”

Paula Singer

President & CEO, Online Higher Education, Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc.

He really thought outside of the box

“Again, and again we are always impressed with Jody’s work. In his latest effort, we saw our response more than double from our control! He really thought outside of the box to create a fresh and unique piece for one of our most important products. I highly recommend his copywriting services to anyone!”

Patty Ahrens

DM360 Inc.