Brochure Copywriter

Brochure Copywriting

Whether the goal of your brochure is to introduce your organization to new prospects or to reinforce the main selling points of your product, one thing is clear…

You have a limited amount of space – and a limited window to grab your prospect’s attention.

That’s why it is absolutely vital that you overwhelm the reader with a strong benefit at the very top of your brochure’s front cover. As with any piece of good advertising copy, this single headline will be the key to enticing your prospect to read further.

Your brochure should also include a re-statement of this strong benefit on the back of the brochure, followed by an urgent, easy-to-execute call-to-action. This last component should be as simple as possible – just direct your reader to the action you’d like him to take, such as calling for more information or visiting your web site.

Madron Marketing can help you put together a powerful, results-driven brochure for your business quickly and easily. Contact Madron Marketing to find out how you can put Jody Madron’s two decades of experience to work for you right now.

Brochure Copywriting and Marketing Literature Services

  • New creative development– Allow Jody Madron to work alongside you to create a powerful new brochure for your business.
  • Copy review & critique – Have Jody review your existing brochure and offer suggestions you can implement on your own or with your in-house writer.

An outside the box thinker

“Jody is a very intelligent and an outside the box thinker. He looks at things in ways you wouldn’t even think of. He is always hitting the deadline and more than willing to go back and do something if it isn’t right the first time.”

Kenny Salzman

President, TLC Communications

Brochures and Printed Marketing Literature Copywriting Samples

Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing to write your brochure or marketing literature copy? Madron Marketing will help you:

  • Strategically copy design your brochure to best tell your story
  • Create instant impact that will capture the brochure reader’s attention and engage them
  • Take the brochure reader step by step through the benefits of your company, its products and services
  • Spotlight a call to action specifically tailored for your industry

Brochure and Marketing Literature Opportunities

Consider all the marketing touch points and importance of a well-written brochure and marketing literature; a marketing brochure can be used at many valuable prospect and customer opportunities

  • Business location
  • Trade shows
  • Telephone requests for information
  • Web site information requests
  • Customer service letters
  • Corporate marketing kits
  • Affiliate and referral materials
  • Marketing and promotional events
  • Brochure stands
  • Networking, professional meetings

Contact Madron Marketing to write winning copy for your brochure