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E-mail Copywriter

Leverage the integral communications channel that provides the benefits of cost-effectiveness, testing, and immediacy with an e-mail copywriter that can make your next e-mail marketing campaign a bonafide home run.

Since 2001, Jody Madron has been producing winning e-mail promotions for clients of all shapes and sizes. From trading services to weight loss solutions – Jody’s clients have enjoyed blockbuster success time and time again.

E-mail Copywriting and E-mail Marketing Services

  • Results-oriented copywriting – from start to finish
  • E-mail copy review and critique
  • Comprehensive e-mail campaign testing consultation
  • E-mail marketing: Subject line review
His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008

“We’re so glad we found Jody. He repositioned the marketing for a good product with a winning promo and turned it into a star. His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008 while the markets were tanking and practically nothing else was working. He’s fast, super-easy to work with and revisions are a cinch with him. Highly recommend him!”

Maritza Lizama

Marketing Director, Eagle Financial Publications

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E-mail Marketing’s Most Dangerous “Myth”

I’ve heard marketers and publishers many times say, “E-mail is inexpensive compared to direct mail, so my risk is almost non-existent.”

  • Not true…
  • This One Phrase Means Everything
  • The Power of Testing

It is true that your risk is significantly lower with e-mail…but the potential opportunity cost is high.  So while you may not be “risking” $100,000 in printing and postage costs…you are risking the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits that will never be realized each time you send out a hastily-written, sub-par e-mail promotion.
E-mail marketing offers a great opportunity with its immediacy and low cost.  But you must not take chances with poorly-written, second-rate copy.  For if you do, you could be throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue…

It seems so simple, doesn’t it?  One small phrase should be easy enough to come up with…so in many cases it becomes an afterthought – often written just a few minutes before the promo is sent.  And in some cases, I’ve known the subject line to be written by an I.T. staffer – or, worse…forgotten altogether!
It’s very simple: the only way your E-mail promotion has a chance is if your prospect actually opens your message and starts reading.  And without a compelling, powerful subject line…that will never happen.  The competition for your prospect’s attention is enormous – you have only a few seconds to convince the reader to open your promotion.
When you work with Jody Madron, you can be sure that the subject line gets top priority.  You’ll receive multiple subject lines to choose from, along with specific recommendations for testing each one.  In other words…you’ll give yourself the absolute best chance for success.

Because of its low up-front cost, E-mail marketing provides savvy marketers the opportunity to aggressively test their marketing efforts and in the process increase the efficiency of their campaigns tremendously.
How often do you test headlines?  How often do you test new leads…pricing…or subject lines? 
While it’s not necessary – or even practical – to include dozens of tests with each E-mail marketing effort, it is worthwhile to include at least one test with each effort in order to maximize your overall returns.
Think about your last experience with a freelance copywriter: did the writer offer multiple headlines or strong suggestions for testing ideas?  When you work with Jody Madron, you get all of those things – as well as the experience of a multi-million dollar copywriter and business builder by your side.

E-mail Marketing Copywriting Samples

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Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing for your E-mail Campaign? Madron Marketing will help you:

  • Create a winning Internet e-mail marketing strategy
  • Craft must-read Subject lines that avoid Spam filters
  • Write compelling e-mail copy that engages reader
  • Increase measurable actions – opened e-mails, clickthroughs, and customers

E-mail Copywriting

Just a few of the E-mail and online copywriting services that Madron Marketing provides

  • HTML E-mail copywriting
  • E-mail subject line review
  • E-mail marketing consultation
  • E-mail copy review
  • E-mail copy design
  • E-mail campaign design
  • E-mail conversion strategy
  • E-mail Split Testing

E-mail Marketing Clients

Madron Marketing has Produced Wildly Successful E-mail Internet Marketing Promotions For:

  • Agora, Inc.
  • Angel Publishing
  • Eagle Publishing
  • Eantiaging.com
  • 21st Century Investor
  • Stealth Stocks
  • Renaissance Health Publishing
  • …and many more!

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