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Financial Newsletter Copywriter

Get MORE for your marketing dollar – and boost your response rates immediately – by working with one of the most successful financial newsletter copywriters in the business today.

The Importance of Experience

When it comes to the copy for your next campaign, what would you rather have? The uphill battle of helping a “green” copywriter learn the ropes while you sweat the details and deadlines…or the comfort that comes with a decision to partner with one of the most experienced – and successful – Financial Newsletter copywriters in the industry?

Let’s face it – in today’s market, getting it right the first time is more important than ever. The potential damage that result from a weak headline…sub-par copy…or missed deadlines is simply too great for any marketer to ignore.

Financial Newsletter Copywriting Services

Financial newsletter copywriting services offered by Madron Marketing include…

  • New acquisition creative – Let us help you create a powerful new front-end promotion for your newsletter by bringing winning ideas…benefit-oriented copy…and years of experience to your next project.
  • Renewal and Lifetime Subscription offers – Jody Madron has been writing successful, revenue-generating renewal letters and series for more than 15 years…and he wrote the first “Lifetime Subscription” letter for a major publisher back in 1995, generating millions in “found” renewal income.
  • Copy Review & Critique – Need an expert’s opinion on the strength of your upcoming or existing financial newsletter promotion? Contact Jody today for an honest, results-oriented review – and a fresh perspective on your marketing piece before you invest another dime.
  • “Fast Response” Boost – Send your existing control to Jody and – for one low, flat rate – receive a written critique guaranteed to contain at least seven powerful ideas to strengthen your promotion.
His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008
“We’re so glad we found Jody. He repositioned the marketing for a good product with a winning promo and turned it into a star. His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008 while the markets were tanking and practically nothing else was working. He’s fast, super-easy to work with and revisions are a cinch with him. Highly recommend him!”

Maritza Lizama

Marketing Director, Eagle Financial Publications

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Madron Maxim

“Successful financial newsletter marketing campaigns are wholly dependent on critical copy that delivers solid offers in the fast-changing financial arena, requiring thorough experience with financial newsletter offers, current market conditions, and a pulse on the financial newsletter offers – all of which Madron Marketing has been doing successfully, year in and year out”

Jody Madron’s Financial Newsletter Copywriting Experience

  • Written controls for dozens of financial newsletters including: Strategic investment, Green Chip Stocks, Gold & Energy Advisor, Pure Energy Stock Trader, Secret Stock Files, Stealth Stocks, Orbus Investor, Venture Insider, Samurai Stock Trader, ETF Trader, Options Trading Pit, Wealth Advisory…and more.
  • Worked as both a marketer and a publisher…so he understands the pressure that marketers and entrepreneurs are under to make every marketing dollar count.
  • Client list includes: Agora Publishing, Eagle Publishing, Angel Publishing, Eastman Communications, James DiGeorgia & Associates, Tycoon Research…and many more.
  • Successful renewal and lifetime subscription campaigns for more than a dozen financial newsletters.

Financial Newsletter Copywriting Samples

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Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing for your Financial Newsletter Marketing Campaign? Madron Marketing will help you:

  • Showcase the reasons to subscribe to your financial newsletter
  • Convince prospects that your financial newsletter is a Must-Have in today’s current market
  • Convert passive prospects into active subscribers
  • Maximize the length and profitability of subscriptions

Financial Newsletter Copywriting

Just a few of the many types of Financial Newsletter that Madron Marketing provides copywriting for.

  • Financial investment newsletter
  • Financial newsletters
  • Investment newsletters
  • Financial digest newsletters
  • Financial advice newsletter
  • Financial advisory newsletter
  • Financial newsletter subscription
  • Financial planning newsletter
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