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Increase Awareness – and Achieve Your Objectives – By Partnering With One of the Most Successful Investor Relations Copywriters in the Business

Copy is Key

Increasing investor awareness is a challenging task…one that requires the skill and experience of a first-rate copywriter.

Jody Madron has over 15 years of experience in the investor relations and awareness marketing campaigns business…and many of his investor relations promotions rank among the most successful pieces mailed over the past five years.

Investor Relations Copywriting Services

Investor Relations copywriting and investment awareness public relations services offered by Madron Marketing include…

  • Creative consultation – Before putting one word down, we work closely with you to determine the strengths – and hot button opportunities – to generate the maximum attention and excitement for your new offering.
  • Copy Design – Engaging your audience involves a blended flow of copy, images, and design elements that work together to best tell your story, and create top of mind investment positioning.
  • Top-Notch Copy – Years and years of working as a sought-after investor relations copywriter have provided the rare experience of being able to consistently deliver investor relations copy that has exceeds expecations.
His work is truly excellent
“Jody is very thorough and follows direction extremely well. He knows the meaning of a deadline and his work is truly excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending his copywriting services to anyone.”

Alex Johnston

President, Crosscheck Media Services

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3 Keys to a Successful Investor Awareness Campaign

Building a successful investor awareness campaign can often be a challenging task…one that involves a wide range of critical factors, including list selection, the quality of the company and market timing.

But when it comes to the creative development in this area, there are three keys to success that must be considered before that first marketing dollar is spent…

  • Success Factor #1
    Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headline
  • Success Factor #2
    Great Storytelling
  • Success Factor #3
    It’s All About Experience

Let’s face it…the only way ANY marketing piece – but especially an investor awareness piece – has a chance of succeeding is if the reader is immediately captivated by a powerful headline.
A headline that tells the reader immediately – and clearly – why the company featured is not only important…but potentially an important part of his immediate financial future.
But be careful: a headline that makes an obscene promise – or one that lacks immediate credibility – is a sure-fire way for any investor awareness piece to land quickly in the reader’s recycle bin.

Take a look at any successful investor awareness piece and you’ll notice something very quickly about the writing: there’s great storytelling involved.
By its very nature, the challenge of convincing readers that a company is worth more attention is one that requires the writer to tell a compelling story. In some cases, that story might focus on the company’s unique technology…or in others the story might be in the background of the company’s management.
But no matter what the source of the material – in order to keep the reader interested enough to engage in a call-to-action…the writer absolutely MUST convince the reader that the company’s story is a good one.

In today’s tough market, it’s important for anyone building an investor awareness campaign to minimize risk wherever possible.
The potential damage that result from a weak headline…sub-par copy…or missed deadlines is simply too great for any marketer to ignore.
When it comes to the copy for your next campaign, what would you rather have? The uphill battle of helping a “green” copywriter learn the ropes while you sweat the details and deadlines…or the comfort that comes with a decision to partner with one of the most experienced – and successful – copywriters in the industry?
Jody Madron has 15 years of experience in the investment newsletter business…and many of his investor relations promotions rank among the most successful pieces mailed over the past three years.

Investor Relations Copywriting Samples

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“Today – more than ever – the need for experienced copywriting is critical to creating the awareness needed for a successul investment launch”

Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing for your Investor Relations Campaign? Madron Marketing will help you:

  • Clarify your investment’s unique opportunity
  • Create solid awareness and excitement of your offering
  • Multiply your investment offering’s potential

Investor Relations Product Copywriting

Just a few of the investor relations copyrwriting services that Madron Marketing provides

  • Investor relations consulting
  • Investor relations communications
  • Financial investor relations
  • Investor public relations
  • Investor awarenes
  • Investor relations news
  • Investor relations report
  • Investment relations
  • Investment public relations
  • Investment awareness

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