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Don’t keep spending valuable dollars on print advertising – be it newspaper, magazine, or Yellow Pages – until you employ the top-notch talents of copywriter Jody Madron that can draw in a reader, engage them, then get them to take immediate action.

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An excellent problem solver
“Jody’s very easy to work with, on the ball and an excellent problem solver. When you’re working with Jody you know you’ll hit all your deadlines…one of the best people I know for taking a marketing problem and finding a cost effective, viable solution.”

Deeba Jafri

President, DJ Direct Response Inc.

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Elements of Print Ad Success

All successful print ads have one thing in common: strong, powerful copy.

  • The Headline
  • The Lead Paragraph
  • The Offer
  • Measuring Success

There is no single element more critical to the success of any print advertisement than the headline, which should be given 50% to 75% of the attention when preparing the ad.  It’s critical, given the small window of opportunity for the reader’s attention, that the headline include an unmistakable description of “What’s in it for me.”

The next most critical element of any successful print advertisement is the “lead paragraph”, which I define as the first paragraph of copy and any sub-heads.  The primary job of the lead paragraph is to expand on the idea that grabbed the reader’s eye – without losing the attention you worked so hard to capture.

One of the most common mistakes of print advertising is the failure to include a clear offer.  By the time a prospect has reached the offer stage of your advertisement, it’s essential that you offer a clear, specific and urgent call-to-action that reinforces the benefit introduced in the headline.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually quite simple: You must remind the reader why he’s interested…and you must quickly and clearly direct that reader to the action you’d like him to take.  To do anything less is simply leaving money on the table.

The only way to ensure long-term success with any advertising campaign is to carefully measure your results.  This means incorporating offer codes, tracking response correctly and routinely testing new headlines and other ideas within your ad.  Madron Marketing can show you some simple, time-tested methods for testing and tracking response that will help you increase the return on your advertising dollar immediately.

Three Simple, Successful Advertising “Secrets”

1. Questions can be very powerful – Ads that ask a compelling question in the headline – such as, “Are Any of these ‘Torpedo’ Stocks in Your Portfolio” or “Can You Write a Simple Letter Like This One?” – play on the reader’s curiosity and compel him to read further.
2. The Magic of “How to” – Those two simple – yet powerful words, “How to” have made millions for advertisers. By opening your ad with a “how to” headline, you immediately position yourself as an expert and, assuming the subject matter is interesting enough, you also convince the reader that valuable information – not ad copy – is to follow.
3. Never Forget the “P.S.” – Good advertising letters always include a powerful post script after the signature. It’s a golden opportunity to remind the reader once again what the primary benefit of ordering your product or service is…and a chance to remind the reader why it’s important to order immediately.

Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing for writing your print advertisment copy? Madron Marketing will help you:

  • Consult with you to design a successful print ad
  • Write engaging copy specific to your print ad
  • Create call-to-action copy that generates results

Print Advertisement Copywriting

Just a few of the types of print ads that Madron Marketing provides copywriting for

  • Yellow pages
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Postcards
  • Newspapers
  • Flyers
  • Print inserts
  • Print directories
  • Brochures

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