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Increase the effectiveness – and measurable results – of your next sales letter wth a sales letter copywriter that can transform your ideas into a professionally-crafted letter that will make an impact and create sales results.

Effective Sales Letters

Mailing an effective sales letter can be an extraordinarily powerful experience…while mailing an ineffective sales letter can be expensive and downright depressing.

So how do you tell the difference? The obvious answer is that a winning sales letter needs to blend your own knowledge of the product or service you’re selling with the knowledge and time-tested techniques that come with an experienced, results-oriented copywriter.

A sales letter – even one mailed to over a million prospects at once – is a very personal form of communication. When written well, the reader feels as though he may be the sole recipient of the letter…and that the writer has sought him out personally. It’s precisely that kind of sales letter – a letter that moves a prospect to take action – that Jody Madron has been producing for clients for more than 15 years.

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His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008
“We’re so glad we found Jody. He repositioned the marketing for a good product with a winning promo and turned it into a star. His promo was one of our strongest performers in 2008 while the markets were tanking and practically nothing else was working. He’s fast, super-easy to work with and revisions are a cinch with him. Highly recommend him!”

Maritza Lizama

Marketing Director, Eagle Financial Publications

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What Goes Into a Winning Sales Letter?

While there are dozens of necessary components that make up a successful sales letter, here are a handful of the “must-haves”…

  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Specific benefits
  • Credibility
  • Directions

An attention-grabbing headline that convinces the reader he MUST put his busy life on hold for a few moments to read what you have to say…

The specific benefits of your product or service – written in a way that show the reader the enormously positive impact those benefits will have on his life, job, bottom line, etc.

Tons and tons of credibility…especially if the prospect has little or no knowledge of who you are.  You need to remind the reader again and again why you’re an authority on this subject and worthy of his attention.

Specific directions on what he should do next.  Tell the reader in no uncertain terms how you want him to respond to your letter…and be sure to provide overwhelming motivation to make sure he does just that.

Sales Letters Copywriting Samples

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Results, Reasons…

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Sales Letter Copywriting

Just a few of the sales letter copywriting services that Madron Marketing provides

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