Campaign Maximizer

Get the biggest bang for your marketing buck by maximizing your direct mail campaign results. Here is a guide to yield higher marketing results.

  1. Strategy Maximization

    To get the most out of a marketing campaign, a solid strategy which includes alignment of product, prospect, direct mail package, copywriting, and offer, all directed to a profitable marketing mix.

  2. Results-grabbing Copywriting

    Direct mail copy that uses a professional, proven copywriter that can masterfully craft copy that gets the prospect to take action is the make-or break factor of most direct marketing campaigns.

  3. Test, test, test

    The proven way to ensure maximum results is through direct mail testing. Testing critical variables such as package, headlines, pricing, and calls to action can demonstrate which factor will yield the highest marketing ROI.

  4. Maximize Mileage

    A direct mail piece that has proven profitable can continue to provide a huge stream of income and profits with continued mailings, while continuing to montior results. Direct mail winners should be leveraged to create more profits until they become tired and fail to maintain targeted profits.